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"This photo captured the moment perfectly. We found ourdayart and had a beautiful oil painting made from it...

Painted for Leyla, New York


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What our Clients say

This beautiful painting was made from a photo we sent in. I am absolutely astounded at how faithful it is in detail. We absolutely love it and proudly show it off to everyone. The artist did a fantastic job.

My husband surprised me with this painting on our anniversary. I can’t think of a more perfect gift that brings back many wonderful memories. Comparing the painting with the photo he sent in is incredible since the detail is so exact. Thank you for making my day.

I was talked into having a portrait done of myself and was just told to send in a photo. If I hadn’t seen this painting in various stages I never would have believed it was possible to be so faithful to the original. I was reluctant at first, but now I’m absolutely thrilled with the result.

Although they received the usual wedding gifts, this one from Tracy’s brother certainly got the most attention, even though they didn’t get it the day of the wedding. Everyone who has seen it remarks on how fantastic it is. Thank you for the perfect gift.

This is a painting of our favorite professor presented by all of his students at the end of the year. It was hard having everyone keep it a secret and as luck would have it, he was wearing the same shirt the day we presented it to him. We had him hold it up so everyone could play ‘who’s the real teacher’. The likeness is fantastic and we are a very happy class.

Before we were married I had one photo of my girl friend that I particularly loved. I finally decided to do something more with it and had this painting made for our first Christmas together. It now has a place of prominence in our living room and gets a lot of attention from any visitors. Thank you for such beautiful workmanship.

We are so pleased with this painting that we decided we need to do one every year as she grows up. The likeness is fantastic and we couldn’t be happier.

This painting is amazingly true-to-life. We gave it to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. The artist did such a great job, especially cleaning up the background so it is truly a ‘work of art.’ We all agree it is the perfect gift.

Our little dog is a huge part of the family and is nearly inseparable from my wife. This painting was a Christmas gift to her and really made her day. It is a fantastic gift idea for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary.

Our daughter is away at college and I wanted something for our living room. There are photos of her throughout the house, but this painting is the centerpiece of everything. The artist did such a fantastic job, especially showing us the work in progress. We absolutely love it. Thank you.

My wife’s mother passed away last year. They were very close and this painting brought her a great deal of comfort. It holds a place of honor in our home and we both are extremely pleased with the result. I am amazed at how the artist was able to duplicate small photo so realistically. Thank you for a wonderful painting.

This painting was a birthday present for my husband and I still feel wonderful every time I walk past it. I am so happy with the work the artist did and I know our daughter will appreciate I in her own home when she grows up.

Obviously our dog is an extremely important part of our lives. I’m not sure if he recognizes himself, but we certainly do. The painting is so true to the photo we sent that I’m still amazed every time I look at it. Sometimes I just look closely at it and just get so lost in looking at the fantastic detail. Thank you for a wonderful addition to our home.

My husband was searching for a photo of our daughter to enlarge and put in his office. I told him I would look through our collection and find something, but surprised him on Father’s day with this painting instead. He is so proud of it, and of her, and shows it off to anyone who comes in there. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

We are so happy with the way this painting turned out. I kept it as a complete surprise for my bride until we returned from our honeymoon. Needless to say, it got quite an emotional response from her and I couldn’t be more pleased with the artist’s work.

Our dog had been such a big part of our lives until she passed away last year. This painting now has a place of honor in our home and reminds us every day of the wonderful times we had with her. Thank you for such beautiful work.

I wanted to capture my daughter’s likeness in something more than a photo and this exceeded all my expectations. It is absolutely astounding how life-like it is and except for the size is almost impossible to tell the painting from the photo. The artist’s attention to detail shows an incredible talent. Thank you so much for this beautiful addition to our home.

This painting is a terrific addition to my Uncle’s office. By adding the map as a background it made it even better and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Thank you for a beautiful piece of work.

We are thrilled with the result of this painting. My niece is a budding architect and takes a great many photographs of buildings, etc. We finally got someone to take a great photo of her, but gee whiz, everybody has photos on their walls. This painting is so incredibly well done and evokes a so many positive comments from everyone who sees it. We are looking forward to more paintings of others in the family.

Not only was my wife thrilled with this surprise gift, but it made me a lot of points with my Mother-in-law. Thank you for a great painting and for making my life a little easier.

Hand painted portraits from photos

Professional Artists

We are Professional Portrait Painters who sell a painting on line instead of requiring you to travel. We do hand painting of almost any subject for example wedding portrait painting. These could be paintings that we have created or we can do a custom oil paintings from photo with your subject as you would like to see it. These are all hand paintings and can be oil portraits, acrylic portraits, pastel portraits or charcoal or pencil sketches. What kind of paintings would you like to see? We do many types, for example dog portraits, cat portraits, horse portraits, any other kind of pet portraits from photos you may want as well as traditional portraits and landscape paintings. Our artists will work with your photo and make a quality painting.from it. Each painting is done by hand ensuring that you will receive something that will remain a source of pride for years to come. Your painting will not be shipped until you are completely satisfied with the result. With a few mouse clicks you can send your photos and transform them into hand drawn portraits. See how easy it is to have your photos become hand drawn portraits. Be the envy of your friends and relatives by having your own custom art painting from Ourdayart.

Review On-line

Before your painting is shipped a photo of it will be emailed to you for approval.  If you approve it we will wait for the paint to dry and ship it to you.  If there are changes to be made we will make them, then send another photo of it.  This will be done at no additional cost for 3 times. Take a moment to view our Portraits Gallery and see if there is any painting online that interests you. If you don't see exactly what you want, we specialize in making paintings from photos like family portrait painting but also have other oil paintings for sale, all hand painted. Paint my photo is a one-of-a-kind opportunity from Ourdayart to have a hand-painted portrait made from your photo. When you ask Ourdayart to paint my photo you are provided a 100% hand painted portrait from your photo. Ourdayart will respond to your request to paint my photo by providing you with a portrait from one of the best artists in Europe. After you request Ourdayart to paint my photo you will begin the process to quickly get you a hand-painted portrait of that photo. Ourdayart will provide you with a unique painting when you ask us to paint my photo.

Fantastic Customer Service

Ourdayart will provide a custom portrait painting from your photo in a size of your choice. Our talented artists will copy your photo and make a custom portrait painting of it for you. One of the most economical ways to get a custom portrait painting is by drawing portraits from photos. The artists at Ourdayart are extremely skilled at drawing portraits from photos. Ourdayart will proved paintings from photos specifically for you hand painting photographs. See how easy it is with a few mouse clicks to receive paintings from photos that are uniquely yours. Ourdayart - paint my picture will create one-of-a-kind hand painted portraits for you from your photo. Send Ourdayart your photos and receive hand painted pictures from them. Paint my picture is a one-of-a-kind opportunity from Ourdayart to have a hand painted picture made from your photo. There are no third party personnel to get in your way. If there are any questions, comments or concerns or if you just want some advice, you will be communicating directly with the artist to insure your complete satisfaction. We will inform you when your painting is shipped and provide you with a tracking number.


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