Charcoal portraits

Perhaps you would rather have a pencil portrait rather than a painting. We have outstanding pencil portrait artists as well. and many people would rather have a photo to pencil portrait created for them. These are artistic portraits created for you, or you might want to order from our online art gallery where we have beautiful oil paintings, modern paintings and abstract paintings for sale.

Having this charcoal drawing made of my wife and infant daughter was one of the best ideas I ever had.  The artist at Ourdayart did a terrific job and I’m sure we will have more drawings made as Elizabeth gets older.

Painted for: Cecylia and Ed

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My sister loves this drawing of her.  She said it was one of the most thoughtful gifts she ever received.  Thank you to Ourdayart.

Painted for: Dorothy NY

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While the photo may be much sharper, my boyfriend and I agree that the charcoal drawing is much more expressive.  We are very happy with it and are very happy with Ourdayart for doing it for us.

Painted for: Gordon and Maya San Diego

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We are more than pleased with the drawing of our two children enjoying a special moment.  Who knows what thoughts these sisters are sharing that makes such a special drawing.  The Ourdayart artist is great.

Painted for: Macy and Sandra CA

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The artist at Ourdayart did such a fantastic job with this charcoal drawing, especially keeping my husband almost hidden so our baby is the center of it.  My parents were thrilled to get the drawing for Christmas.

Painted for: Parcer CA

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Our son often sends photos of himself for special occasions since he moved across the country.  This charcoal drawing was an unexpected and very welcome surprise.  He told us it was done by an artist at a company called Ourdayart.  We are planning to use them for similar gifts later this year.

Painted for: Raymon Maiami

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My girlfriend knew I always liked this photo.  She contacted Ourdayart and had a charcoal drawing made from it.  I put it where I can see it every day and remember the occasion.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

Painted for: Sara i Timo Portland

view Original photoview Painting photo

Having a drawing made from one of our favorite photos of Jennifer was a wonderful idea.  We are very grateful parents and couldn’t be more pleased with Ourdayart.

Painted for: Sharron Las Vegas

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